Born to Free Professionals from the Shackles of Workplace Chaos

After years of testing, experimenting and refining the approach, Steve Kahle – Founder of White Lion Interactive, realized other organizations and individuals could greatly benefit from the methodologies and systems that were put in place to give his company a competitive edge.

Steve believes everyone in the workplace today is a sales person and a project manager. Kahle helped design, build and tune collaboration and knowledge capture systems which are critical in any workplace. He also noticed when all team members are trained to embrace key project management techniques, everyone performs significantly better against the continual torrent of emails, texts, voice mails, meetings and tasks lists.

From that moment of inspiration, Gray Wolf Workflow was born to help create workplaces where “noise” and stress can be dramatically reduced allowing all team members to focus more time and energy on creative, value-adding right brain work to better serve each other and their clients.