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Using proven research and methodologies from the latest in science, behavioral psychology, and real world application, The Proactive Lane Boot Camp delivers a systematic way for high-achievers seeking an advantage in the workplace to approach work differently - proactively. You will learn workplace habits that enhance your productivity by incorporating new concepts into your rhythm to increase your daily success. The Boot Camp is delivered online over the course of 4 weeks, in 90-minute sessions that are both live and interactive. Each session is also recorded and available to all Boot Camp participants.

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The Big 3 Problems Addressed in the Boot Camp

  • 1

    Not Enough Time for the Work that Matters

    Most professionals see less important priorities pulling them away from the work that truly matters; work that will advance their careers. How do we leave the workday with a true sense of completion rather than one of ongoing frustration?

  • 2

    Email Overload

    Most professionals are overwhelmed with email and other forms of digital communication in the workplace. How do we end the vicious cycle of our out-of-control inbox?

  • 3

    Constant Distraction and Interruptions

    We perform at our best when there is time to truly focus. How do we stop allowing the constant barrage of interruptions and get more "in the zone" time to do our best work?

About the Boot Camp

Work Demands are Rising

Professionals today are inundated with an avalanche of information coming in at a faster pace than ever before. As a professional, you need to prioritize and process a high volume of data in an accurate and timely manner in order to excel in the workplace.

Workplace Stress is Increasing

Rising workplace demands contribute to a reactive work approach for many professionals. A reactive approach results in both heightened stress levels and overall work discontent. Most organizations, however, fail to teach individuals and teams how to thrive in today’s demanding digital environment.

Being Unproductive is Making You Unhappy

Approaching work in a reactionary way can leave a professional several steps behind. When we continually react at work, our overall happiness suffers. On the other hand, workplace happiness is often the result of discovering how to be more proactive and productive. It is possible to increase your happiness by learning better workplace methods so that more of what matters can be accomplished.

Start Being Proactive

To succeed, you need a proactive approach. Being proactive is the process of controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. The Boot Camp is full of practical and logical steps to help you start being more proactive now.

What you will learn in the Boot Camp

The Proactive Lane Workshop helps high-achieving professionals learn and apply proven workplace productivity methodologies, develop the right habits to succeed, and be more fulfilled at work.

Being highly productive and happier at work requires more than just one master idea or concept. With the Boot Camp, you will get a detailed look behind the curtain at what really works - a complete productivity system to help keep you in the Proactive Lane and out of the reactionary lane. If you chose to join the Boot Camp, you will learn:

  • 23 proven ways to better manage your email to get ahead, rather than being stuck behind
  • 38 strategies and tactics to better plan your time to deliver big results
  • 18 approaches to successfully manage your task list, so you work on what matters the most and get it done
  • 23 techniques to focus your attention, avoid disruptions and distractions
  • 10 ways to boost your mental energy level, so you can deliver your best
  • 15 methods to have stand-out meetings that accomplish your desired outcomes

You will walk away with a personal Proactive Plan that can be put to use immediately.

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The Boot Camp is designed to introduce proven productivity concepts allowing you to immediately put them into practice. The format helps you to develop the right habits, so you can deliver your best at work.

The Proactive Lane Boot Camp is delivered online in 4 weekly, 90-minute sessions. Each online session is live and interactive and is followed by weekly ‘Workouts’ to keep you moving in the right productivity direction. As we learn better as a group, you can ask questions throughout the 4-week Boot Camp through a private Facebook group. Also, each session is recorded and made available to all Boot Camp participants.

Weeks 1, 2, 3, & 4

The Proactive Lane
Boot Camp

123-Page Printed
Proactive Lane Playbook
  • * 90 Minutes of Weekly Live
    Online Instruction + Q&A
  • Weekly ‘Workout’ Assignments
  • Daily Group Discussions
  • *Each session is recorded and available to the group

New Frameworks
for Success

  • 5+ Live Teaching Hours
    5 Workout Assignment Hours
    Daily Group Support
    Completed Proactive Plan
  • A Focus on Work that Matters
    Daily Sense of Completion
    A Clear Path Forward

You will receive a printed 123-page Playbook including a summary of key discussion points and a Proactive Plan outline for how to implement the ideas shared in the Boot Camp.

In addition, you will have access to review the important research, blog posts and podcasts references mentioned in the Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp is delivered in 4-weekly live, interactive sessions as a webinar, which is essentially a seminar conducted online. Joining the webinar is easy and a link will be provided before each session. In the event you miss a Boot Camp session,each live session will be recorded and made available to the group.

You will receive a printed, 123-page Playbook which includes a summary of key discussion points and a Proactive Plan designed to help implement the Proactive Lane ideas. In addition, you will have access to review the important research, blog posts, podcasts and screenshot references covered in the Boot Camp.

Proactive Plan Sessions

Most of us can relate to going to a conference and hearing about many ways to improve as a professional. What happens to the ideas a week later - a month later? Sadly, most of the ideas are forgotten because there is no mechanism in place to create new habits and work rhythms. To solve this problem, each week you and the group will become more productive as you work and collaborate together to implement Proactive Lane methodologies.

Proactive Plan Session Details

Each of 4-weekly, live 90-minute sessions are complemented by weekly ‘Workout’ assignments. Each Boot Camp is designed as a 4-week series, as science proves we need around a month to form new habits and replace old habits. Each week, as you dive into key Proactive Lane workplace methodologies, you will complete the Boot Camp with a personal Proactive Plan designed to guide you towards being more productive and ultimately happier and more satisfied with your work. As each session is recorded and made available to the group for further review, along with the weekly private Facebook group interaction, you will be able to get the most out of the Boot Camp series.

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Cost to Sign Up

The Proactive Lane Boot Camp 4-Week Series
+ The Proactive Lane Playbook

Estimated Value Percentage Break-Down from the Boot Camp:

*4-Weekly Live Teachings 25%
Printed 123-Page Proactive Lane Playbook 20%
Weekly ‘Workout’ Assignments 15%
Daily Group Participation & Interaction 15%
A Completed, Personal Proactive Plan 25%
Total 100%

*Each live teaching is recorded and made available to the Boot Camp group.

497 per person

*A payment option is available

If after the first live session you don't feel you are a good fit for the Boot Camp, we will refund your enrollment fee.

Session 1

Background, Research, and Time Management

Session 2

Time and Focus Management

Session 3

Energy Optimization and Email

Session 4

Task Management and Meeting Optimization

The Proactive Lane Boot Camp is now closed. We are currently focused on serving and supporting our Boot Camp clients. Click below to stay in the loop for when the next Boot Camp opens.

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More Boot Camp Feedback

"I have seen several improvements including a decrease in both email response times and the level of typical reactionary situations. The team has a common language and understanding of workplace productivity concepts and best practices. I highly recommend you implement the Proactive Lane concepts with your team."

Rich Leisy

Regional Vice President at Ryan Companies US, Inc.

“Steve’s knowledge and passion for personal productivity and workflow optimization is contagious. His presentation clearly articulates the challenges and pitfalls we all face being “always on.” I recommend Steve to any professional audience seeking to radically rethink and improve how they work.”

Steve Golab

Founder of GoLab Austin Coworkspace

“My organizational and professional skills were once all over the place due to the fact that I had never learned how to be in the proactive lane. After just a few weeks of hands on training and learning with Steve my work life, and my personal life, were significantly changed for the better! His proven tactics helped me to better visualize where I wanted to go each week and how to get there by using skills such as calendar planning, task organization, knowledge codification and extreme inbox techniques. Regardless of where I go or what I do in life these are skills that I will carry with me forever.”

Nicole Hackley

Director of Operations of White Lion Interactive

“The Proactive Lane Boot Camp does an incredible job presenting practical strategies that, when implemented, have the propensity to propel already highly successful individuals to a new level of success. Steve and his team have designed the Boot Camp and the playbook in innovative ways to make the content easy to understand and reference back to. I have benefited tremendously from the Boot Camp and I have seen marked improvement in how I go about my daily work routine. In short, I am much more proactive and much less reactive. Thanks for everything!”

Sean Cagle

Project Manager II at Ryan Companies